Monday, August 20, 2012

Bear Lake 2012

 We are not quite sure how this happened. Scott and I were out on the boat and when we got back Emlin had dried-up sand all over her face. And look how happy it made her.
As I mentioned before we went to Bear Lake with my family a couple weeks ago. It was as magical as always. Emlin had the time of her life running around on the sand and playing in the water. She loves being around her cousins. She picked up so many new things just by being around them for a short weekend. I love these pictures of all the kids racing, Emlin was always last to make it up the hill but so proud of herself for keeping up with the other kids.

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Annalee Taylor said...

I love these... especially the running pictures. I want to frame them, so cute. I love the lake ones too.. I love them all.

Good talk.