Monday, August 20, 2012

4th of July

For the fourth of July Emlin and I spent the day at the pool. It was probably the first time I have not spent the morning of the 4th of July at the Rexburg parade, I love that parade and was feeling extra homesick that day. Scott had to work (their office decided to work the holiday and take the following Friday off instead). After the pool Em and I headed to my Aunt Leeann's house in Lehi to get ready for our 4th of July feast. As soon as Scott got off he came over and we at a delicious meal. After eating we sat outside and watched the fire get bigger and bigger at American Fork canyon. A couple weeks previous to this we had a fire about a mile away from our house in Herriman, that was a scary feeling and I'm glad both of the fires were contained.
Emlin found this bucket and thought it was hilarious to put it on her head. She was a complete mess by the end of the day from all the messy treats she had eaten/smeared all over her body. We had to swing by target for a new outfit on our way to Thanksgiving Point to watch the fireworks.  I loved watching the fireworks at Thanksgiving Point, there was fun booths to walk through, they played great music, it wasn't crowded at all, and the fireworks shot up right above a giant flag. Emlin liked watching the fireworks but was a little nervous. On the drive home it was fun to see all the fireworks going off around the valley. To sum it up, the 4th is probably my favorite holiday, I'm grateful for our freedoms, we had a great time, and I can't wait for next year.

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