Monday, August 20, 2012

Second Birthday

Emlin turned 2 while we were at Bear Lake, I tried to stop it from happening but she did it anyway. Since we were at Bear Lake it seemed fitting to have a beach birthday party. I made a little sand cake in a bucket. When we lit the candle and started singing she looked thoroughly confused, but once the kids showed her what to do she was excited. Randall & Annalee made us some delicious dutch oven chicken, cheesy potatoes, and scones...mmm that sounds so good right now. Afterwards we opened presents and crashed for the evening. We had partied hard all weekend and by that night we were all pretty exhausted. Emlin loved everything she got, she was/is completely spoiled.
We just love this little munchkin. I can't get enough of her chubby cheeks, and fun personality. She loves books, her new bike, playing with babies, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, she likes to tickle,  and riding the horses. She is really good at counting, she goes 1, 2, 7, 9, 10. She is pretty possessive right now and we are currently working on sharing skills and manners. She loves nursery, although yesterday she told a story involving hitting. I'm not sure if she was the one hitting or the one being hit. Anyway, I'm sad to see her exiting the baby stage and becoming a toddler but I'm also excited for all the fun things to come. As you can see I feel like I need to document more of our lives because life is flashing by too dang quickly. Happy Birthday Emy!


Sam said...

They don't stay babies long enough! But don't worry the toddler years are fun too.

McArthurs said...

So Emlin is seriously like the cutest thing ever!

Jace and Nichole said...

Oh how I want to kiss her cheeks! I'm not kidding I want to be there so much right now it's painful.