Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Fun

1. This quilt is never going to get done. I decided on doing these little lines and man that was a bad idea because I am so sick of sewing long straight lines. Scott helped me out one night and after about 2 lines he was exhausted. Haha, we are weak.
2. Emlin loves to sweep.
3. Crazy bed hair. She woke up so happy the morning Clint stayed with us. She was laughing at him.
4. I bought myself a little basil plant and it died not too long after. Scott made fun of my poor horticulture skills but I'm blaming it on the solar tint on our windows in utah.
We went to the Herriman rodeo and Emlin loved it. The clowns were nuts, the below picture  is a clown jumping over the bulls head. This clown was rodeo entertainer of the year, he was really fun to watch.
 In Herriman, we went to the pool nearly everyday and sometimes twice a day(maybe that is why my quilt is taking so long). Once in the morning and once around 5 when Scott got home. Emlin loved the pool and was pretty fearless at first. But then she fell in the pool while walking around it one time and after that she was pretty nervous. I liked it lots better when she was nervous. She calls her floatie her 'boat' and loves swimming her buddy Sophie.
That vitamin D was so good for the both of us and these pictures make me want to soak up every last second of summer.

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aubrey and bobby said...

oh gosh she is so ridiculously sweet! i wish we were there to play with her!