Thursday, January 5, 2012

Twas a couple nights before Christmas...

Before kicking off our Holiday vacation we had our own festivities at our house by reading "The Night Before Christmas" and taking a drive to look at Christmas lights.

We got a fantastic early Christmas present this year, we got a new little niece, Baby Ellie. She is beautiful and I've never seen so much hair on a newborn. Congratulations Jeff, Corene, Jake & James.

Scott was chasing Emlin around and somehow they ended up cuddling under a table. She laid there for a good 15 minutes, Scott was yelling for me to hurry with the camera because cuddling like this is a rare occasion.

We spent Christmas in Rexburg. Emlin was so excited to have people around to read her books and give her lots of attention.

Christmas Eve we did a lot of lounging around, playing games, making gingerbread houses, acting out and reading the nativity, playing the wii, and eating yummy food.

Christmas morning Emlin wasn't really sure what to think. But once she saw her new baby doll she got really excited. Christmas is so magical with a little one. I'm already excited for next year.
 After all the excitement of opening presents we got ready went to church, came back ate another delicious meal (that is one of my favorite parts about going home for Christmas, all the amazing food) and sent the Pages off to catch a plane to California. I wish I would have gotten a photo of us all in our Christmas Sunday glory, but we were in such a hurry that I didn't even think about it.

We then went to the Kunzs and got even more spoiled. Emlin got a toy puppy and was delighted. The magic of Christmas was extra awesome with all the cousins opening their presents.
My favorite person to watch open presents is my sister, Annalee, she gets so excited and happy from the most simple of gifts. She is by far the most fun person to be around at Christmas time, she can hardly contain her excitement when it comes to Christmas festivities. I have many memories of her at Christmas time, some of which include; her waking me up at the break of dawn on Christmas morning, sneaking around trying to find out what we were getting for Christmas before the big day, and asking our Mom if we could take dimetapp on Christmas Eve so she could be able to sleep. I can't say I have that same enthusiasm for the season but I sure love to be around it.
After gifts we anxiously awaited a call from our favorite missionary, Clint. We got to skype him this time and it was awesome. I have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season and all year round.


alyssa said...

oh that picture is so precious of emlin holding that baby doll!

Jason and Tiffany Hainsworth said...

your little girl is sooo adorable :)

Annalee Taylor said...

I look like an old woman in that pic.

And yes, I do enjoy the holidays, I know I have a problem!