Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We've Moved.

We are moved, we even have the internet and everything.
We moved from Rexburg to Herriman last weekend. Scott took a job with Big-D Construction and is really enjoying himself so far. Moving is always a pain but we felt pretty blessed because everything went quite smoothly. I am happy to finally have everything unpacked and somewhat organized. I don't have all my pictures hung yet, and I am taking my time decorating so I don't create too many holes in these freshly painted walls.
I don't have any pictures of my own of this place and I will get on that as soon as I have things decorated. But I found some images of Herriman online.

This awesome UP house is also located in Herriman. This is real. I saw it just the other day, you should come check it out, it is pretty cute.

And here is this place in winter time.
There ya have it, a little bit of our new home. If you can't tell I am trying to entice people to come visit.

On a side note, I missed the General Relief Society Meeting but watched this video today and that is the best thing I've done all day.


Jason and Tiffany Hainsworth said...

Super cute place! Can't wait to see pictures of the inside all pretty'd up

aubrey and bobby said...

stinking utah.

Jace and Nichole said...

Oh the Hairyman! I miss Utah so much! I love the yellow place by the way... It's more mustardy than yellow. P.S. just one picture of Em would be nice, and the inside of your house and skyping! Those are my requests.

Samantha said...

Sean's sister who lives in West Jordan is looking into buying land in Herriman to build her dream house.

And one of my good friends moved to Herriman. She's building her house there. I met her here in Albuquerque but she is actually from Rexburg. Megan Jeppsen Neville. Maybe you know her or her Husband Trent. They are both from Rexburg.

Anyway, I can't wait to see pictures of your new place!